Celebrate World Refugee Day!

This year, instead of just one day, we are having World Refugee WEEK.

Starting Sunday, June 14 and ending on World Refugee Day – Saturday, June 20, join us for ideas of how to celebrate and honor our refugee neighbors.

Here’s how it works:

Download your checklist and complete the daily challenge, then share with us how it went!

Each day we will announce the challenge, share stories from our staff, and re-post from our followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Tag @arriveministries or use the hashtag #worldrefugeeweek to engage with us. And invite your family, kids, or church members to participate too.

Thanks for joining with us as we continue to welcome and love our refugee and immigrant neighbors!



Talk with my refugee friend

Day 1: Sunday 6/14

During this season of social distance, all of us are experiencing some level of loneliness. Today, we encourage you to simply talk with your refugee or immigrant neighbor. Connect by phone, video, or stop by for a socially-distant chat. For more ideas on ways to connect, visit our Covid-19 resource page.

1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Encourage one another, and build each other up!”

Share with us about your friend: How long have you known each other? How does he/she encourage you? @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek


Watch a film or read a book about the refugee experience

Day 2: Monday 6/15

One of our core values at Arrive Ministries is “learning from each other.” Our desire is to foster friendships of mutual learning and empowerment as we share our lives with our new neighbors.

Today we are asking you to be a learner by watching a film or reading a book about the refugee experience. There are many films and books to choose from, but here are a few that we recommend:


click to watch trailers


What did you read or watch? Share with us! @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek



Order takeout from an immigrant-owned restaurant

Day 3: Tuesday 6/16

It’s Takeout Tuesday! Whether your favorite local spot or someplace new, today’s the day to support an immigrant-owned restaurant! Some of our staff favorites include:


St. Paul:

North Metro:

South Metro:


  • Muna Halal
  • Nile Restaurant

St. Cloud:


  • FaaFan Restaurant
  • Somali Star Restaurant

What is your favorite immigrant-owned restaurant? Where did you order from? Share with us! @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek



Partner with Arrive Ministries by
giving or volunteering

Day 4: Wednesday 6/17

Thank you for your  partnership as we live out our mission to welcome refugees and immigrants by: providing direct program services, mobilizing the Church, and calling our communities to respond biblically.

Your partnership allows us to continue the important work that we do!

Visit our Volunteer page to learn how you can get involved

Visit our Donate Financially or Donate Items pages to learn how you can give

Do you already volunteer with us? Share what you have learned in the process by tagging @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek



Learn a phrase in the language of my refugee friend

Day 5: Thursday 6/18

Another great way to honor our refugee and immigrant neighbors is to learn a phrase or a few words in their language.

The best way to is to learn from them, if they are willing to teach you! Start by asking if there are any common phrases that are used often by their friends and family. Then practice practice practice!

We also have videos in ArabicPashto, Somali, and Karen available at our LINK webinar page (scroll to Week 4).

How did it go? What phrase did you learn? Share a video with us by tagging @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek



Research the history of a refugee population living in my city

click to download Iceberg Concept of Culture

Day 6: Friday 6/19

Did you know that Minnesota has some of the largest refugee-background populations in the world?

These include people originally from: Somalia, Burma, Liberia, Bhutan, Laos, Ethiopia, and Former Soviet Union. But, there are many, many more!

Your challenge today is to learn about the history of a people. Some themes you can research include:

  • Aspects of their culture
  • Geography, natural resources, landscape of the country
  • Politics and social systems in place
  • War and reason for fleeing

For a general overview and lots of statistics visit UNHCR.

What did you learn? Share with us! @arriveministries, #worldrefugeeweek



Share with someone why I love refugees

Day 7: Saturday 6/20

Today is World Refugee Day!

The challenge today is simple: share with someone why you love refugees.

Share with us! Tag @arriveministries or using the hashtag #worldrefugeeweek