Arrive Ministries is blessed by our partnership with International Association for Refugees. Recently, IAFR staff members Rachel Uthmann and Jean Pierre Gatera presented for Refugee Life Ministries volunteer trainings.

Rachel shared with volunteers the importance of welcoming people into Kingdom Community and used this quote from Living in Community (Pohl): “The best testimony to the truth of the gospel is the quality of our life together. Jesus risked His reputation and the credibility of His story by tying them to how His followers live and care for one another in community.”

Watch Rachel’s presentation: “Kingdom Community

In March, Pastor Gatera emphasized the significance of sacrifice as it relates to community with newly-arriving families. Pastor Gatera stated, “We are valued by God and our value is seen on the cross by Jesus.” The example that Jesus gave when dying on the cross for every individual, was an example of complete sacrifice. Our volunteers were encouraged to sacrifice to show the value of others.

Watch Pastor Gatera’s presentation: “If you can’t stand, you can’t dance” Part 1, Part 2