Winter Activity Ideas

Spend time outside enjoying the Minnesota winter

  1. Bundle up and go for a winter walk or hike
  2. Winter sports: sledding, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, ice fishing
  3. Shovel snow then make snow angels
  4. Build snowmen, snow forts, snowball fights. Share in the fun snow can bring!
  5. St. Paul Winter Carnival (January 28 – February 7, 2021)
  6. Visit the frozen falls at Minnehaha Falls


It means a lot when you check in. Check out these ways to “meet-up” virtually!

  1. Make snow ice cream together over a video call
  2. Bake together virtually. You could gift them a box filled with the baking supplies needed for the baked item and instructions.
  3. Paint together with a Youtube tutorial: Adults or Kids
  4. Write handwritten snail mail and send to them. Include pictures, coloring sheets, activities, etc to add some extra fun.
  5. Put together some small craft bags for the kids and drop them off at their door so that you can see them from afar and at least get to say a short socially-distanced hello, give a smile, and a wave!
  6. Read the same book together and discuss over text, phone or video call. Find a book that has been translated into both of your languages!
  7. Create or find an online Photo Scavenger hunt for them to do or even for you both to do together from your own homes! Use your phones to share your pictures with each other as you each check off items on the list.


When safe to do so, here are some ideas of things to do indoors!

  1. Bake and cook together! Ask your friends to teach you how to make one of their favorites, teach them one of yours, or learn a new one together.
  2. Stovetop popcorn & game night – some good low English level games are: Mastermind, Candyland, Dominoes, Checkers, Memory, Chess, Uno…ask them to teach you a game too!
  3. Build a blanket fort & have an indoor scavenger hunt
  4. Puzzles—Gift a puzzle to your friends or do one together. Color pictures together.
  5. Go to the Mall of America to walk around. This is a great way to get some exercise without having to go outside in the cold weather.
  6. Watch a movie in their language (or look for movies with subtitles)
  7. Go to a coffeehouse to have tea/coffee together
  8. Visit a local library. Help get your friends their first library cards, read together, try to find a book about their culture and look at it together.
  9. Make hot chocolate from scratch and homemade marshmallows
  10. Invite them over to join you in decorating your Christmas tree – great opportunity to explain your family traditions and talk about why you celebrate!
  11. Make homemade ornaments
  12. Science Museum of MN – only $3 with EBT card or other low income programs; jump on the light rail to get there!
  13. Como Zoo – free admission. The conservatory is a nice break from winter weather!
  14. Minnesota Zoo – free admission with EBT card or other low income programs; take the bus there!
  15. Toddler Tuesdays at Mall of America: free entertainment for toddlers and preschoolers every Tuesday.