On Thursday, February 27, 2020 Arrive Ministries hosted a panel on what it like for
four Arrive Ministries staff members to visit refugee camps around the world.

Our Arrive Ministries Staff Panelists


“The authorities are so far behind in processing asylum claims that currently 20,000 people are in a camp designed for 3,000. It is filled with families desperately doing what they can to make life better.”

-Mike Bergman
Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece


“Aida Camp is less than one square kilometer, and hasn’t been able to expand. The narrow alleyways and roads make it a challenge to bring in medical care.”

-Natalie Narloch
Aida Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine



“I was really struck by the wall, seeing it in person hit me very deeply, as well as hearing the stories of discrimination, hurt, pain and loss; and how the U.S. law are impacting people on both sides.”

-Kristina Shirokova
U.S. Southern Border,  Tijuana, Mexico


“Food rations have gotten so low for refugees in Kakuma, cut to less than half of what they once were. Everybody is  distributed a sack of flour, a little oil, a bit of salt, and one U.S. dollar per month.”

-Wendy Meyering
Kakuma Refugee Camp, Northwestern Kenya

Read more of Wendy’s experience here.


Next steps on how you can support the 25.9 million refugees around the world.