Are there any opportunities to volunteer using virtual tools?

“Are there any opportunities to volunteer using virtual tools?” This is a question Kristi asked us before she committed to volunteering with us, and it is a question we have been asked a number of times in 2020. The answer for Kristi was “yes!”

“Do you have any online tutors for my daughter who is participating in distance learning?” The answer to Farhiya’s mom’s request was also “yes!”

This fall, I had the privilege of introducing a new SALT tutor, Kristi, to a 9th grade Somali student, Farhiya*, whose mom requested an online tutor.

After I introduced Farhiya and Kristi online, Farhiya showed Kristi her online school portal through Google Classroom. Farhiya opened her science homework, which was a worksheet on calculating the slope of a line on a graph.

Kristi took a minute to look over the notes and worksheet to make sure she understood it herself. Then she patiently walked Farhiya through the first problem; working toward Farhiya being able to do the other problems on her own. After I could see Farhiya was in good hands, I left the virtual meeting.

Kristi will continue to tutor Farhiya online once a week for the coming months. Since they both live in South Minneapolis, we are hoping they will be able to meet face-to-face in the future, when they both feel comfortable with it.

She left the pie with instructions on how to bake it!

Another one of our volunteers made a pumpkin pie and brought it to the family she tutors. She left it with instructions on how to bake it! We are thankful for God working through His people to creatively express His love in these times.

These are challenging days to welcome our refugee and immigrant neighbors, but we are seeking to be flexible and use the tools God has given us to serve and love the best we can.


Zack is the SALT Outreach Coordinator.