Reception and Placement

Through the R&P program at Arrive Ministries, our staff provides 90 days of case management for newly-arrived refugees.  With the assistance of churches and volunteers, we work with families immediately upon arrival – from welcoming them at the airport and connecting them to systems of support, to sharing a meal or cup of tea as we get to know and learn from one another.  In an average year, the R&P program at Arrive Ministries serves nearly 400 newly-arrived refugees, each of whom has a unique story to share and contribution to make to our communities.


Specific core services provided to newly-arrived refugees served by the Arrive Ministries R&P program are determined by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Populations, Refugees, and Migration, and include:

  • Securing “safe, sanitary, and affordable” permanent housing, available upon arrival
  • Providing material needs support items (welcome kits) and furniture for the home
  • Applying for public assistance and health insurance
  • Applying for Social Security
  • Connecting with Local Public Health for initial refugee health screenings
  • Registering children for elementary or secondary school
  • Enrolling adults and adult children in ESL or GED classes
  • Referring adults and adult children to employment services
  • Conducting cultural orientation sessions to assist families with integration into life in Minnesota
  • Completing numerous home visits throughout the 90-day R&P period

In addition to required services, all newly-arrived refugees resettled by Arrive Ministries are also offered assistance in developing the following important life skills:

  • Budgeting
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Writing checks for rent, utilities, and other expenses
  • Learning how to use public transportation
  • Establishing care at primary care clinics


We at Arrive Ministries are proud of the people we are privileged to meet through our work.  We are committed to helping each and every individual restore his/her dignity, and seek to assist each person in developing the tools necessary for continued growth in this new home. 

If you have further questions about the United States refugee resettlement program, including overseas processing procedure, please click here  for additional information and helpful links.