We recently started partnering with Bikes4Kids to help meet transportation needs of some of our clients. Matt, one of our Good Neighbor Coordinators shared about bikes he delivered to a refugee family with kids a couple weeks ago:


“I met the family outside their home and got the 4 boys to come with me to the box truck. Their faces lit up when I opened the door and revealed their bikes. It was pretty cold and a little rainy outside, but they jumped on the bikes and started riding around immediately. A couple of the boys have a minor foot deformity that makes it difficult for them to walk long distances without pain. These bikes will be a great way for them to explore their new neighborhood and get to the park near their home.”


Based out of Ham Lake, MN, Bikes4Kids refurbishes used bikes and donates them to kids and families. Thanks to our partnership, we are able to provide bikes to some of our employment clients and the kids of refugee families we’ve helped resettle.