After Kango Ojha fell in love with Awhich and married in the church, they learned they were expecting a child; and soon after they were informed that due to Kango’s refugee status after fleeing Ethiopia, he was given permission to move to the United States in 2015.

My daughter was born one month after I arrived in Minnesota… so I never got to meet her

“My daughter, Bechaenno was born one month after I arrived in Minnesota. I had no choice as to the date I was to fly to Minnesota, so I never got to meet her,” said Kango.

He connected with Arrive Ministries Immigration department immediately after arriving in Minnesota to file the documents needed to bring his family over. Unfortunately, Kango ran into four years’ worth of unforeseen obstacles: a delay in getting his daughter’s birth certificate, a government lock-down in Kenya, waiting for his green card, and a dangerous trip back to Kenya to obtain a recognized marriage certificate.

“When I went back to Nairobi, Kenya in 2018, it was the first time I met my daughter at age two-years-old. It was so hard to leave them,” said Kango.

Kango persisted in creating a life for himself in Minnesota, with the help of Arrive Ministries’ employment and immigration staff, in addition to a generous donation.

“After I was in a car accident, an immigration counselor told me if I needed to meet him at the DMV. When I got there a wonderful man was giving me his minivan for free. I never expected to get a car for free, I was ready to pay for it,” said Kango.

Kango was taken shopping by his Arrive Ministries’ Employment Counselor for new shoes, he was given new suits and work clothes, and was even gifted Bible reference books since he was unable to finish his bible college in Kenya.

All the while, delays kept pushing his family reunion out. In 2020, Kango was told to expect flight arrangements for his family in March; of course nobody could have anticipated a global pandemic, and travel restrictions postponed the case another year.

Kango talked to his daughter on the phone every single day, and he and his wife agreed to pray and fast for God’s intervention. Allegra, an Arrive Ministries immigration counselor regularly touched base with Kango.

At the airport, my daughter identified me as her father, and I was so happy.

“Allegra was persistent in asking about my families’ case. She did a very good thing,” said Kango.

Finally in April of 2021 Kango was able to joyfully receive his wife and 5-year-old daughter at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

“I was so surprised to see my wife and daughter in person, not over the phone. At the airport, my daughter identified me as her father, and I was so happy,” said Kango.

“By the grace of God, I now have my family with me.”