Neighbors of MN
Krista, Direct Program Services


My favorite day is when I get to tell people that they’ve been assigned to our office. They are so happy! It means that their family member or friend who is a refugee will soon come to the U.S.!

I’ve been waiting so long to hear this news. I’m so happy you called.

I reach out to their family or friend who has agreed to be their Minnesota contact (called a U.S. Tie).

It’s the first contact our office has had with them in years. Many of them have been waiting two, three, sometimes 10 years since applying for this phone call. So it is a really exciting that I get to make it.


Many times, their response sounds like a line from a movie:

You have brought me the best news today. God Bless you for sharing this good news.”

I’ve been waiting so long to hear this news. I’m so happy you called.”


The news isn’t perfect though. Although it means they will likely come within one year; some refugees get delayed because of travel bans, government restrictions or medical issues.

All in all though, it’s an honor to be the good news-bearer for many families who are waiting to be reunified. In that one phone call, I get to be the one who changes their families’ future.


Krista Allgor is the Director of Direct Program Services at Arrive Ministries.