Lost & Found

Lost & Found

By Dalia

Dalia in Amman Airport

I am ten years old, but almost eleven. I came to America in 2016 to join my parents and brother, who came here as refugees several years ago. When I found out I was going, I didn’t know it was to Minnesota, because I thought America was one place. On my last day in my country, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and I went to a fair in Erbil, Iraq and went on different rides. I wasn’t tall enough for all of them.

When I got on the airplane, I was excited and nervous. A lady traveled with me to Amman, and then another lady from Amman to New York. Both of them were nice, but I got sick on the plane. I was also worried the planes would crash, because my cousin told me they would. My mom was waiting for me in New York, but I was confused and asked where my “other” mom was (that’s actually my aunt, but I was living with her for a very long time in my country, so she was like my mom too.) I made my real mom promise that my aunt and all of my family could also come to America someday.

I was shy, but not anymore, because I thought if I’m shy, nobody will talk to me or get to know me.
At first I was nervous about going to school because I didn’t know the language. I was shy, but not anymore, because I thought if I’m shy, nobody will talk to me or get to know me. I play the viola and sing in the choir. My favorite sports are basketball, soccer, swimming, and gymnastics. When I feel lonely, I always draw. I like to listen to a song when I draw sometimes. My favorite song is “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. It’s my favorite song because it is kind of like me (but I’m a girl) – because sometimes I felt alone without my brother and parents.

I like math and reading, and one day I want to be an engineer that makes houses. It is also my dream to go to Paris. I think it will be my favorite place.

This story originally appeared in our March 2018 Newsletter.

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