Connecting to Refugee Neighbors Amidst COVID-19

4-Part Webinar Series – choose the weeks you want to attend
Thursdays, 3-4 PM
April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7


During these challenging times we know God’s command to welcome our refugee and immigrant neighbors hasn’t changed, but what does this look like practically?

Join us online for an hour-long live webinar series, as we seek to learn together how to continue to foster relationships creatively.

You have the option to register for one or more weeks:

Week 1 (April 16, 3-4 PM): Fostering Relationships over Technology

Week 2 (April 23, 3-4 PM): Meeting Practical Needs

Week 3 (April 30, 3-4 PM): Language Fun: Teaching English

Week 4 (May 7, 3-4 PM): Language Fun: Learning Phrases in another Language

Note: If attending week 4, when you register, please fill-in which language you are most interested in learning, and which topics you want to be able to converse about.