Life Transformation for Refugees and the Church

The team from Park Community Church and the family they are walking alongside.


Last summer, Refugee Life Ministries (RLM) staff met a Congolese family through a community organization working with secondary arrivals in Minneapolis. This family had recently moved to Minnesota after being resettled as refugees in Massachusetts. When we met them, they were getting ready to move into their new home and we were excited to have a church team come alongside them.

We are learning to be patient and flexible as things don’t happen on our timetable.

We connected Kristin and the RLM team at Park Community Church with this Congolese family of five. Despite some barriers, including language and culture differences, a mutual friendship quickly developed. Shortly after meeting each other, team members Mike and Erin were able to walk alongside the family in applying for ESL classes, tutoring their children, and helping the dad of the family learn how to drive.

Kristin shared that she and her team members are also growing: “We are learning to be patient and flexible as things don’t happen on our timetable.” She mentioned how they are blessed by this family and how quick they are to love and to laugh. The father of the family shared that they have a good relationship and have been able to do fun activities together as well as being helped in practical ways.


Through Refugee Life Ministries Church Teams and New Neighbors are walking alongside newly-arriving refugees, families who have been here for several years, and asylum-seekers. More than 1,200 refugees have been welcomed by the church through RLM. We know that when we are obedient to God’s command to welcome the stranger, life transformation is possible for refugees and the church. Learn how you can get involved