Donation Room: BEFORE and AFTER


Just in the nick of time, Slumberland’s Homes for the Holidays bed donation event replenished Arrive Ministries’ dwindling stock of beds.

“We were running out of beds due to a surge in refugees and Afghan arrivals this month,” said Chris Nelson, Development Director at Arrive Ministries.

Thanks to the generosity of Slumberland’s 40Winks Foundation, Arrive Ministries was given 157 mattresses, box springs, and bed frames on December 15, and we are now able to meet this immediate need.

Within two days of the donation, 30 of those beds were immediately moved into homes across the Metro to provide a comfortable place for new refugees to sleep on.

“A good night’s sleep is critical to performing well at school, doing well at work and enjoying a healthy lifestyle,” said Ken Larsen, Slumberland Founder.


Scenes from moving day