Dealing with a tremendous number of difficulties as a minority, Adnan chose to flee Iran at age 15, leaving his family behind.  His big dream was to come to Minnesota where a friend was living. To make that happen, he spent nine years in a refugee camp near Australia where there was little food and terrible conditions. He had no opportunity to attend school, work, or participate in any activities.

Adnan said he was able to survive the refugee camp “holding onto hope.” Eventually his dream became a reality when he arrived in America where “it felt like a home from day one.”  He greatly appreciated being able to live in an apartment, but what he was really looking forward to was “simply living a decent life.”  Most important, he said was “to experience dignity.” He found that in the Twin Cities.

When asked if anything surprised him about the USA, he replied “how respectful and polite everyone is here.”  Having been in Minnesota for a few months now, Adnan likes everything except for the snow.  He was thrilled to connect and get together with his friend from Iran who lives here. Adnan is currently working on becoming a citizen within the next year and is grateful for the help from Arrive Ministries.

Working at a Starbucks coffee shop inside a hotel in Minneapolis has been a great experience. More than anything, he likes the people he works with and those who come into the shop. He thanks Arrive Ministries for helping him to find this job and complete all the necessary paperwork.

Today Adnan is most looking forward to becoming a citizen and “living my dream.”


Written by Arrive Ministries Volunteer Karen Kitchel