Celebrating 20 Years of RLM

Amanda and Dustin Loge have led four RLM church teams since 2013. They are still in touch with all four refugee-background families.

A Karen wedding celebration between Jill and Lay Ou in 2018, with Amanda and her daughter Maren sitting on her grandma’s lap. Three Buddhist monks presided over the ceremony. The Loge’s church team from First Free Maplewood welcomed the bride’s family in 2015. Amanda was asked to be a witness at the wedding. “It was special and beautiful to be honored guests at the wedding; it felt exceedingly kind and gracious,” said Amanda.
Maren and three Karen friends were delighted to show up wearing the same dress to a church service in 2019. As guests of Capital City Church, the girls were asked to sing a Karen worship song, and their dad surprised everyone by accompanying them on guitar.
Dustin and Emmanuel; Emmanuel and his six kids were apart from his wife, Christine for 5 years, while she sought asylum in the U.S. Once their family of 8 was reunited in 2017, they hosted a thank you party for the Loge’s team from First Free Church and other friends.

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