On January 27, Arrive Ministries hosted a documentary screening of Midnight Traveler. Nearly 300 people attended the event at Urban Refuge Church.  In the film Afghan director Hassan Fazili captured his young family’s harrowing trek across numerous borders shooting the entire thing using 3 cells phones over a few years.


If you want to watch Midnight Traveler in your home – you can rent or buy it on:

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Here’s what attendees had to say:

“The movie helped to humanize the issue, especially seeing children going through the refugee experience, it was a more visceral way to experience their journey. By following it up with a panel of people with firsthand experience was very beneficial and motivating.”


Very eye opening of the tragic situation of the refugees of the world. They’re kind of in no-man’s land – they can’t stay in their country, and other countries don’t want them. We’re humans, we’ve got to be helping them.


“It was an eye opening film, and it’s a way to promote empathetic thinking.”


“When you see people’s personalities: laughing, crying, kids playing – it makes it more personal. It puts a face to what otherwise is a very broadly talked about topic.”


“I appreciate that Arrive Ministries reached out to the community to educate us. It was a great resource for volunteers and anyone with a heart for refugees.”