At Arrive Ministries, even our board members volunteer with the refugee families we welcome!

Our Board Vice Chair, Mindy Conradi, recently left a meeting in a rush letting our staff know that she was heading out to babysit for the Afghan family that her Good Neighbor team is walking alongside for one year.

You’re like my daughter. The seven children are like my grandbabies.

The team is from Westwood Community Church and Mindy says, “It’s really the whole team that has been a blessing to this family.”

Her friendship with the young Afghan mother of seven has become so dear to Mindy that she recently told her, “You’re like my daughter.” The woman hugged and kissed Mindy’s cheeks in gratitude.

“The seven children are like my grandbabies,” Mindy reflected.

Thank you Mindy for serving our refugee community in a leadership capacity as well as in a relational one.

The Good Neighbor team from Westwood Community Church setting up the home where the refugee family would move into.