For years, Wooddale Church has partnered with Arrive Minnesota to welcome refugee families
with open arms. Why is refugee ministry so important? How should we think about refugees in
our politically charged climate? What is the heart of God as it relates to refugees? What is the
difference between a refugee and an immigrant? This session will answer these questions and

Teacher: Bob Oehrig, Director of Development and Church Relations, Arrive Ministries


Biblical Justice: God’s Heart for the Refugee Discussion Guide
From Wooddale Church’s Biblical Justice Series

Discussion Questions
1. What surprised you most from this presentation about refugees?
2. Who can you name from scripture who were refugees and/or displaced peoples?
3. Do you think as Christians we can balance safety and compassion when it comes to
4. What does it mean for us to practice true biblical hospitality?
5. What one thing can you do in the days to come to greater reflect God’s heart for