In early April resettlement to the United States was halted in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19. Just before this went into effect we were thrilled to welcome a family of eight from Afghanistan. This resilient family purchased their own airfare almost on-the-spot, so we only had a couple days notice.

Everything took much longer than normal since government offices are closed, in-person meetings are restricted, and rental housing opportunities are limited. But, they finally moved into their rental home this week. We received some donations of furniture and other items, so the house is becoming a home.

Although travel restrictions have been put in place through May, our office has received information about two cases expected to arrive in the next couple months!

Please be in prayer for these families. Pray for them as they prepare to leave camps where they have been waiting for more than a decade. Pray for their physical and mental health as they are experiencing the same fears and unknowns as the rest of us during this pandemic. Pray that they will be able to reunite with family here in St. Paul. And pray for us as we work to provide them with case management during this time.