I took my client to drop off an application for a job, and I had spoken with the Human Resources director already about her sitting down with my client for a quick conversation so she could start work. They had some conversation in English but then she didn’t understand a question, so I was going to call an interpreter but the HR person said that they had several people on the floor who spoke Swahili, so she would just grab one to interpret (which was cool in and of itself).

The woman she brought back stopped in the office doorway and got a super happy look on her face. Then she gave my client a hug and they started talking in Swahili.

When there was a pause, I asked, “Do you two know each other?” and the woman said, “We have known each other since we were children in our country! I knew she had come to Minnesota, but I had not seen her or heard from her!” It was such a fun reunion to witness


-Briana is an Employment Counselor at Arrive Ministries