It was a day set aside for ministering to a Muslim woman but I didn’t know to whom specifically.

As I was praying, God kept placing on my heart the name of a woman I had not visited with in over a year, and her daughter. She lives in St. Paul, and that was far away from where I live, but she was on my heart.

I texted her and she said she was sick. I felt all the more that I needed to go. I needed to pray for healing for her!

After picking up some food to show her some love, I entered into her home and spent time with her little kids while she napped.

We share details of our lives while drinking fruit juice, caught up on our relationships, and spoke of how much we had missed each other. We also spoke of the resurrection and beautiful things about Jesus

I had gone into this day with the mindset that I would just be a servant. I had read in the Bible that morning from the book of Luke how Jesus asked his disciples who is greater: the master who is eating the meat or the one who is serving him? Jesus said I have come to you as one who serves. So that was my prayer today, “Lord, this visit will have fruit if I can at least serve.” So that is what I did.

At the end of the night we are sitting around the table as her youngest daughter sat reading to me from the Quran and trying to convert me to Islam. “That little child is so much like you, Amy,” her mother said. “You may have met your match with her!” And we laughed.

I asked if I could pray over her before I left. At that point I got to explain to her kids what prayer was like for me. They observed as I prayed for healing for their mother, and as I praised God for our friendship, and the miraculous way he sovereignly crossed our paths.

The next day I texted the woman: “How are you?”
She replied: “I’m better thanks to God!”
Our Jesus healed her! And I told her so, explaining who Jesus the healer is.

It was a miraculous day.


Amy attended an 8-week training SALT facilitated in the spring of 2019.