What we do

Every year, from more than 20 countries, 4,000 refugees arrive and resettle to Minnesota.

Arrive Ministries is called to see these refugees and other immigrants transformed economically, socially and spiritually. We resettled over 400 refugees in Minnesota in 2012. Moreover, each year we place more than 100 refugees in jobs, help several hundred with refugee cash assistance and provide immigration and legal services to another 1,300+ individuals. In addition, we partner with over 50 Twin Cities churches and hundreds of volunteers to provide tutoring, English language training, resettlement support, church refugee gardens and friendship to refugees across the metro area and beyond.

Our History

Arrive Ministries (formerly World Relief Minnesota) was started in 1988 to address, at that time, the needs of largely Hmong, Vietnamese, Russian and Ukranian refugees coming to Minnesota. Under the direction of the Greater Minnesota Association of Evangelicals (now Transform Minnesota), Arrive Ministries has resettled more than 9,000 refugees in Minnesota from more than 50 different countries and over 120 language groups.