Volunteer Job Opportunities

Volunteer Job Opportunities

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Below you’ll find one-paragraph descriptions of the volunteer opportunities available at Arrive Ministries. You also can download postion descriptions by clicking on the position titles.

New Neighbor Volunteer

Refugees resettled through Arrive Ministries and/or participating in our employment program encounter many obstacles during their first year in the U.S. Arrive Ministries’ New Neighbor Program seeks to empower members of the local church to respond to God’s persistent call to welcome the ‘stranger’ by connecting newly arrived refugee families to volunteers who provide the needed support during these critical moments in cultural adjustment. The goal of the New Neighbor Program is for refugees and volunteers to build relationships and participate in cultural exchange as the refugee families resettle in the Twin Cities. Through this process, refugees and volunteers come to see one another as neighbors instead of strangers. To be a neighbor, whether you are the refugee or the volunteer, is to be a friend, a cultural broker, a teacher, and a learner.

Church Teams

Small groups of 10 to 12 people work together to support a refugee family, somewhat like New Neighbors, but with a broader scope of service. Churches become part of God’s transformative work in the lives of their refugee friends, but find they are also changed as they engage in this kingdom work.

Employment Mentor

Help refugees seeking employment, working one-on-one to enhance client employability through professional development; basic computer, language, math, or other skills; helping with job searches and interview coaching.

SALT Volunteer

Help new refugees learn English by becoming a Somali Adult Literacy Training (SALT) volunteer.  Build friendship while helping students learn to communicate in English, possibly learning to read and write for the first time in their lives. SALT Coordinator Login


Your willingness to help our staff or other volunteers with your interpretive skills will enable newly arrived refugee families or individuals to receive needed support during critical moments in cultural adjustment.

Media Presence Volunteer

The promotion of Arrive Ministries is as important to the functioning of the organization as working in the field.  Arrive Ministries needs people who want to help make connections for the organization and spread the word of what we are doing online.

Short-Term Host Home Volunteer

Short-term hosts provide housing and some basic cultural orientation to refugee individuals and families for 1 to 14 days when we are unable to find housing right away.

Other: There are many unique and creative ways to serve the refugee community. If you have a great idea fitting outside of our current volunteer descriptions that you would like to share, please contact us at mnvolunteers@arriveministries.org.

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Arrive Ministries provides Refugee Reception and Placement Services, Refugee Employment Services, Refugee Cash Assistance, Immigration Legal Services, ESL classes and tutoring, community development programs and other outreach services unique to various refugee populations and their needs and challenges.

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