Employer Resources

Employer Resources

Potential employers and job mentors needed

Employers needed

Arrive Ministries is always looking for employers who are willing to hire refugees. Refugees come to the U.S. with varying levels of education (from GED equivalency to advanced degrees) and with varying English-speaking abilities. They come to Minnesota with a legal status that allows them to work in the U.S. as soon as they arrive in the country.

Arrive Ministries operates a Refugee Employment Services department. We attempt to place refugees in appropriate jobs. Our employment counselors contact potential employers to build relationships and explain how we support refugees even after they have found employment. Our goal is to successfully place refugees in jobs in their new community.

We provide metro-area employers with hard-working, pre-screened, work authorized candidates at no cost to the employer. They are all international refugees who have received permanent work authorization in the United States. Our clients have a variety of skills and abilities, are positive, ready-to-work, and dependable.

We work with a variety of companies and staffing agencies to place qualified candidates in jobs. Hiring through Arrive Ministries Refugee Employment Services is easy.

How we work

Arrive Ministries is a not-for-profit organization and our referral services are completely free to employers. Work with us as your free source of reliable staff.

1) Contact our Employment Services Office.

2) Arrive Ministries staff will assess your employment needs and refer candidates who meet your specifications. We work one-on-one with our clients to assure the best fit for them, and for you.

3) Arrive Ministries will schedule a meeting with your company for face-to-face interviews with our pre-screened candidates.

4) Arrive Ministries Follow-up: Should you choose to hire, we continue to offer assistance even after employment has begun. This includes paperwork, necessary translation services, and more!

Refugees are wonderful people that are resilient and hard working. If you are an employer that is considering hiring refugees, please contact Arrive Ministries’ Job Developer, Anya Yastremski: ayastremski@arriveministries.org

We’re also looking for Mentors for refugee job seekers  to work with our Refugee Employment Services staff to help refugees walk through the job seeking, application and interviewing process. They act as coaches and encourages and provide support for such things as resume preparation, practice interviewing and skill assessment.

Top 10 reasons to hire a refugee:

1. Save time on recruiting and screening
2. Save money: as a not-for-profit organization, our services are totally free!
3. Keep your company legal: refugees are 100% authorized to work
4. Increase your productivity with refugees’ strong work ethic
5. Hire highly motivated candidates who are eager to work
6. Employ flexible and loyal workers with immediate availability
7. Enjoy higher retention rates, especially on your later shifts
8. Utilize free follow-up services with Arrive Ministires including language help
9. Trust an organization with over 16 years of experience with employers and refugees in the metro area.
10. Diversify your workplace with new perspectives, languages, and backgrounds.

About Arrive Ministries

Arrive Ministries provides Refugee Reception and Placement Services, Refugee Employment Services, Refugee Cash Assistance, Immigration Legal Services, ESL classes and tutoring, community development programs and other outreach services unique to various refugee populations and their needs and challenges.

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