Rajo Ministries for Somalis

Extending friendship, hope and love to the Somali community in Minnesota.

Bev-and-Sherry-2-269x300What is Rajo?
Rajo, the Somali word for hope, is a ministry of Arrive Ministries that empowers churches to develop, specialized ministries that engage their congregations and extend hope to the Somali community.

What does Rajo Ministries Offer?
Benefits for the Church
– Learn about Somali culture and receive training for Muslim ministry and presenting the Gospel through conversation
– Assistance with outreach program development (setting up ministries like tutoring, baking, sewing, youth sports) that build bridges and friendships through shared activities
– Opportunity to reach the “world at your door” through cross-cultural friendships with Somalis in your neighborhood

Benefits for the Somali Community
– Develop friendships with Americans
– Learn new skills and enjoy activities common to all cultures
– Receive help with practical needs such as tutoring and transportation.

Current Programs
– Quilting and cooking activities for women
– Men’s outreach ministry through sports
– Youth activities and mentoring
– Tutoring, language acquisition, literacy

Sherry Mohamed, Director of Rajo Ministries
Sherry Mohamed is from Somalia and has been actively working with Arrive Ministries and the Somali people in the Twin Cities since 2005. She is uniquely positioned to empower both the church and the Somali community to build bridges of love as she brings cultural understanding, helps make connections and provides insights into appropriate programs and activity models. Sherry can be contacted at 612-229-9422 or rajo@arriveministries.org.

protrait2Get Involved
Partner with Rajo Ministries to start a Somali outreach ministry at your church or build relationships through your small group. Invite Sherry to your church or small group to share about Somalis and how to share God’s love with Muslims. Become friends with a Somali! Contact Arrive Ministries for more info.

About RAJO Ministries (PDF)

A Refugee Journey (Interactive) from IAFR on Vimeo.

Produced by the International Association for Refugees (IAFR) for an Evangelical Covenant Church gathering in the summer 2010.


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