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Citizenship students, volunteers and their families celebrate a successful class session

After residing in the United States for five years, refugees and many other immigrants can apply for U.S. Citizenship. Prospective citizens must prove their knowledge of English, American history, geography and government by answering questions about these subjects and showing ability to read and write English.

Having a class at your church is a way to offer tangible help and demonstrate Jesus’ love to our refugee and immigrant neighbors who are journeying to citizenship. Arrive Ministries can help your church set up a citizenship class program by walking you through the process, providing contacts to other churches to see examples in action and providing in-class presentations about the citizenship process.

Refer immigrants to Arrive Ministries legal services

Church congregations often encounter people who have immigration issues but do not know how to help or what options are available.  Arrive Ministries is accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide nonprofit immigration legal services. We believe that serving Jesus includes providing quality, low-cost immigration services for a wide variety of immigration issues.  Even if Arrive Ministries cannot help in a particular situation we may know someone else who can!

To be a refugee is survival,
to be an immigrant is opportunity,
to be a citizen is contribution.
– Anonymous

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Steps for Churches Starting Citizenship Classes (PDF)
About Citizenship Classes (PDF)

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