How You Can Help

How to get involved

Good community development requires raising up people, funds, and involvement. It’s Arrive Ministries’ desire to build awareness of the needs of newly arrived refugees, mobilize local churches and community groups to be part of the solution, and then empower both community members and refugees to build friendships and learn from one another.

Building friendships by serving the refugee community and helping refugees make Minnesota home
Our immigrant neighbors need people to help them understand our culture and navigate our systems. There are opportunities for individuals, families or small groups to invest in the lives of refugees.

Through our Resources – Refugees must establish their households in Minnesota after arriving with few belongings and extremely limited resources. Churches, small groups and individuals bless new arrivals when they assist with basic household goods, furniture and other necessities.

Through our Relationships – While making their homes in Minnesota, newly arrived refugees need new friends who will love them and and help them to understand our culture and navigate the complexities of our educational, medical and government systems.

Through our Advocacy – People with a passion for refugee and immigrant issues can become advocates within their churches and communities by facilitating educational opportunities, recruiting volunteers, and speaking on behalf of immigrants and refugees with local organizations and policymakers.

Please partner with Arrive Ministries by praying, giving and volunteering. Together we strengthen and equip churches to serve their communities, enabling them to be beacons of hope for refugees in the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Ways to Assist

Give financially
Gather a welcome kit for an arriving refugee family
Coordinate a resource drive
Assist with setting up apartments

New Neighbor Volunteers help refugees and volunteers build relationships and participate in a cultural exchange during the resettlement process. To be a neighbor is to be a friend, a cultural broker, a teacher, and a learner. As you meet regularly with a refugee participating in our R&P or RES programs, you will help with practical skills like learning English or applying for jobs while sharing your life and being open to new perspectives and experiences.

Resettlement Services Volunteers partner with our case management team to welcome and provide R&P services for refugees during their first 90 days in the U.S. by transporting clients and helping them navigate through various appointments: applying for public assistance at the county, applying for Social Security cards, ELL and school registration, etc. You will have the opportunity to interact with refugees from various cultural backgrounds and learn much about local government and social services systems.

In addition to these programs, we facilitate activities and relationships between local churches and refugees.  We believe everyone benefits by ministering to and with our immigrant neighbors. As the Church loves the poor, the widow, and the stranger, it lives like Jesus lived.

“Before this experience, I really didn’t know much about refugees and why they have come to the US. I used to think it was just to escape poverty, but it is so much more than that. So my eyes have been opened to understanding people who are coming from those situations and to appreciate how fortunate I have been to be born in a country where I know that I can go about my day and know I will be safe and free.“


– educate and mobilize on important issues
– speak out for the oppressed, hurting and poor

More Information for Volunteers:
Volunteer job descriptions
Ministries and programs
Starting your own refugee ministry

am-volunteer-appYour Next Step:
If you would like more information about church ministry opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator:  or 612-798-4332.

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Arrive Ministries provides Refugee Reception and Placement Services, Refugee Employment Services, Refugee Cash Assistance, Immigration Legal Services, ESL classes and tutoring, community development programs and other outreach services unique to various refugee populations and their needs and challenges.

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