Refugee Resettlement

Arrive Ministries assists refugees in their adjustment to the U.S. during their first months after arrival in the country. Resettlement services include welcoming families at the airport when they first arrive, addressing medical needs, finding housing, helping them apply for Social Security, economic assistance, school registration and English Language classes, and explaining social adjustment and acculturation issues. In the past two years, Arrive Ministries resettled more than 700 newly arrived refugees. Funding for Reception and Placement services comes from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) [Department of State] in Washington, DC and is administered by World Relief (U.S.).  Arrive Ministries began resettling refugees in 1988.

Services Include:

Refugee Reception and Placement (R&P)
Through the R&P program, our staff provides 30-90 days of case management for newly arrived refugees. With the assistance of churches and volunteers, we welcome families at the airport, arrange housing, provide furniture and other basic needs items, and connect refugees to critical benefits and services for which they are eligible. Currently, we help 300-400 refugees per year make the Twin Cities their home.

Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)
We administer a cash assistance program that provides refugees and asylees with benefits for up to eight months while they take English classes and search for employment. We serve about 90 clients each year through this program.

Refugee Employment Services (RES)
Our Employment Services assist refugees and asylees in overcoming barriers to employment (language, skill level, etc.). We help to locate jobs, provide interview and career counseling and equip individuals with basic job skills.

Refugee Social Services (RSS)
Through RSS, we partner with several community agencies to empower refugees with stable housing, immigration help, safe environments, participation in community services and achieving self-sufficiency. In addition, we have BIA-accredited Immigration Counselors who assist refugees and immigrants with the processes of naturalization and family reunification.

Immigration Legal Services
US. Immigration laws and policies are complex and ever-changing, making it difficult for refugees and immigrants to easily understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. Arrive Ministries works diligently on behalf of refugees and immigrants to provide high-quality services that help them navigate the immigration system. We are accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide knowledgeable, low-cost immigration services for many different kinds of issues as we seek to serve others with God’s love.

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Arrive Ministries provides Refugee Reception and Placement Services, Refugee Employment Services, Refugee Cash Assistance, Immigration Legal Services, ESL classes and tutoring, community development programs and other outreach services unique to various refugee populations and their needs and challenges.

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