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Immigration Legal Services

Arrive Ministries is a Department of Justice accredited agency that provides immigration legal services to the immigrant community in the Twin Cities. Primary legal services include: Green card applications, family-based visas, travel documents, and citizenship applications. Arrive Ministries serves over 1,300 immigrants annually in immigration legal services.

US. Immigration laws and policies are complex and ever-changing, making it difficult for refugees and immigrants to easily understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. Arrive Ministries works diligently on behalf of refugees and immigrants to provide high-quality services that help them navigate the immigration system. We are accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide knowledgeable, low-cost immigration services for many different kinds of issues as we seek to serve others with God’s love.

Licensed immigration professionals and attorneys assist eligible refugees, asylees and other immigrants with the following:

• I-485 permanent residence (green card)

• I-751 removing conditions on a green card

• N-400 naturalization (US Citizenship)

• N-600 Certificate of US Citizenship (for children deriving citizenship from parents)

• I-130 family based petitions for family members of US citizens or green card holders

• I-730 family based petitions for family members of 
 refugees or asylees

• AOR – Affidavit of Relationship – a special family 
 sponsorship program for refugees

• I-129F fiancé of a US Citizen petition

• I-131 refugee travel document

• I-765 employment authorization (work permit)

• Document replacement for I-94 and green cards

• Diversity Visa/Green Card Lottery

Services Include:

• Immigration legal screening and social 
 service referral

• Immigration application preparation

• On-going support throughout application 

• Fee waiver, if qualified

• Photos

• Mailing

• Consular processing (if appropriate)

• Follow-up with United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) and National Visa Center (NVC)

AOR Program: Through the Affidavit of Relationship(AOR) or P-3 Program, Refugees or Asylees may petition for family members to gain access to the U.S. Refugee Admission Program. There are currently programs open for people from specific countries in Africa, Asia, Former Soviet Union countries, as well as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. For eligibility criteria and more information, please contact our Immigration Intake line at 612-243-2961 or email us at


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) [Dept. of Homeland Security] charges fees for each of these applications.

In addition, the Arrive Ministries Immigration Department charges nominal fees that vary depending on the complexity of services provided. They reflect the direct costs of the services, and are in line with national Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) guidelines. Our service fees cover: application preparation, legal screening, referral to social services (if applicable), photos, mailing, case representation, and follow-up with USCIS or other appropriate agencies.  Please contact us for a listing of our current fees.

Scheduling an Appointment
Intake and Eligibility Appointments:
All new immigration clients are required to attend a brief intake for eligibility screening and appointment preparation.  Please call our intake line to schedule an appointment with our attorney or accredited staff.
We encourage clients to make an appointment for an intake in advance by calling: 612-243-2961.
For General Questions related to Arrive Ministries Immigration Legal Service Program Contact Christine Burton, Director of Immigration Legal Services.
To make an appointment for Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) assistance and more information about the Refugee Sponsorship program Call the Immigration Intake Line:
612-243-2961 or email us.
To make an appointment for Refugee/Asylee Green Card or Citizenship assistance during our Monday Immigration Legal Clinic at the Karen Organization of Minnesota in St. Paul Contact Ashlyn Vosika-Scherzberg, DOJ-accredited Immigration Counselor
To make an appointment for Refugee/Asylee Green card or Citizenship assistance during our  Immigration Legal Clinic at the Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota in St Paul (1st and 3rd Friday of every month) Contact Timothy Paulson, DOJ-accredited Immigration Counselor

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Contact Arrive Ministries for more detailed information about our services and how you can get involved.

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Arrive Ministries provides Refugee Reception and Placement Services, Refugee Employment Services, Refugee Cash Assistance, Immigration Legal Services, ESL classes and tutoring, community development programs and other outreach services unique to various refugee populations and their needs and challenges.

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