Afghan English Tutoring

Teaching conversational English to Afghan adults in the context of relationship.
Many Afghan adults arrive in the U.S. speaking little or no English. Our English tutoring program partners volunteers with a newly-arrived Afghan adult to teach them practical English as part of a growing friendship.

Somali Adult Literacy Training

Sharing Jesus with our Somali neighbors through literacy and friendship.
Getting to know Somali neighbors through weekly English tutoring offers tutors the privilege of learning their name and story, sharing English skills and helping achieve life goals.


Serving our refugee neighbors through the universal language of arts and crafts.
Our sewing program offers a joyful, creative gathering place for refugee women where friendships are formed, beautiful handicrafts are created, and lives are pointed to Christ.

Homework Help

Homework Help pairs volunteers with school-age kids to assist them with their school assignments.
Many refugee families are eager for tutoring assistance, this program is a great way to provide practical support to refugee kids while befriending the entire family.

Church Refugee Gardens

Cultivating hope with our new neighbors.
Connecting church congregations to refugees who are interested in growing nutritious and culturally appropriate food. Churches across Minnesota convert their lawns to gardens as they open their property and hearts to their new neighbors.