Somali Restaurant Owner Blesses Church

Noor Yussuf’s bike needed a tune-up after a recent bike ride with his friend Andrew Grimsley. “ ...brought back a lunch of goat, salad and rice within 20 minutes for the dozens of hungry worshippers.” When Noor stopped by the Grimsley’s house one Sunday afternoon, he didn’tRead more

A Big Extended Family Welcome!

A family was finally fully reunited this week for the first time in 6 years. The full extended family fled persecution in Burma together, and lived in a refugee camp in Thailand together. But due to delays in the refugee resettlement process, the mom’s 5 siblings and

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Students Organize Charity Run for Arrive Ministries

If 17-year-old Austin Hunter and Lucca Ramone are any indication of the characteristics their generation will offer to the world, then our future is looking bright!  Arrive Five co-organizers, Austin and Lucca show that Generation Z is enterprising, compassionate and resilient.   Enterprising This summer, as the

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True Friends Help Each Other Move

When Sharon and Larry Wahala moved houses this month, their Somali friends, Samira and Ahmed insisted on helping them set-up their new home. The Wahalas have been tutoring and in friendship with the couple for many years; in fact Samira and Ahmed’s family has been living at

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