Gifted Mattresses Stacked to the Ceiling

  Yesterday our staff unloaded two moving trucks full of 73 mattresses, box springs, and bed frames donated by Slumberland Furniture.   Slumberland’s Home for the Holidays initiative will help Arrive Ministries provide a place for dozens of refugee families to rest their heads as they adjust

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Generous Grocer Feeds Newly Arrived Family

Nothing is more closely affiliated with hospitality than offering food. Yet when a newly arrived family of 8 from Afghanistan was being settled by Arrive Ministries during the early days of COVID-19, they found themselves caught in a backlog of government food assistance delays, so they couldn’t

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Friba Welcomes a Stranger

When I was 9 months pregnant, my toddler and I were tasked with photographing Jenny, one of our exceptional AWELL program tutors. Unbeknownst to me, due to some crossed-wires, Jenny wasn’t able to warn Friba that an Arrive Ministries staff person would be showing up to her

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Preparing a Home for Good

Zemecha Gora fled Ethiopia and arrived in Minnesota four years ago. He has been served through many of our direct service programs: filing for his green card through Immigration Legal Services, and preparing for job interviews with our employment counselors. Zemecha’s unyielding focus now is on preparing

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Former Refugee Provides Water to Camp

Recently Linny, an Arrive Ministries volunteer interpreter, hosted a fundraiser at his church to raise money for building two new wells at the refugee camp in Thailand where he lived for five years. Linny cooked and sold delicious Karen food that many Arrive Ministries staff members enjoyed.

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Somali Restaurant Owner Blesses Church

Noor Yussuf’s bike needed a tune-up after a recent bike ride with his friend Andrew Grimsley. “ ...brought back a lunch of goat, salad and rice within 20 minutes for the dozens of hungry worshippers.” When Noor stopped by the Grimsley’s house one Sunday afternoon, he didn’tRead more