Staffing Update at SALT

This winter we will be celebrating SALT Director Mike Neterer’s transition to a new ministry opportunity, an international organization focusing on language development opportunities in Somalia. As the founder and Director of SALT for 18 years, Mike developed this relationship-based program that has served the local Somali

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Arrive Ministries in the News

Arrive Ministries was mentioned many times across Twin Cities media outlets about the work we do to resettle and welcome our Afghan refugee neighbors.     8/27/21 on 5 Eyewitness News 6PM Broadcast At least 300 Afghan refugees can be welcomed in Minnesota, but ‘could be more’

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How You Can Respond to the Afghan Refugee Crisis

  As former Afghan interpreters, security personnel, and their families are arriving in the Twin Cities as refugees over the next few months, Arrive Ministries is providing apartments, jobs, and basic household items for at least 80 Afghan refugees.  Here's how you can support Afghan families thatRead more

Forced Displacement in 2020 – UNHCR Global Trends

How many refugees are there around the world? 2020 data obtained from UNHCR At least 82.4 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes at the end of 2020 as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations and events seriously disturbing public

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Map of the Refugee Highway

International Association for Refugees (IAFR) designed a stunning and informative poster to raise awareness about the realities of the Refugee Highway and of our mandate to love the alien as we love ourselves. ‍ Download a standard resolution version of the poster for churches, class rooms, dorm

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The Lion Men of Afghanistan

Original Post from World Relief in November 2018 SACRIFICE AND THE COSTS OF THE REFUGEE SLOWDOWN “As long as I am alive and breathing, you will be okay,” Ghulam exclaimed as he pulled Jawad out of the mangled U.S. army vehicle. They had trained for a scenario

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Welcoming Arrive’s New Development Director

Meet Chris!   Meet our new Development Director Chris Nelson joined Arrive Ministries in May as our Development Director. But his fundraising career began in elementary school selling $1 chocolate bars up and down the streets on his neighborhood for a father-son YMCA program. He says, “I

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Stories and Sambusas in St. Cloud

Last month Arrive Ministries St. Cloud held a Stories and Sambusas event at Westwood Church. The idea for this event came from two separate conversations our St. Cloud Area Director, Sam had about one of her favorite things – delicious food! Sambusas are a special fried dumpling-type

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[RE]BUILD with us

Arrive Ministries will be resettling up to 350 refugees this year. Three times the number from prior years! God is at work. This is your time. This is your opportunity. Together, let's respond to God’s call to WELCOME. Welcoming the stranger is one of the most repeated commandsRead more