Understanding Refugees 98.5 KTIS Radio Conversation

Listen to Director of Refugee Arrival Services, Michelle Eberhard’s conversation on 98.5 KTIS AM and FM on January 2, 2016. KTIS radio interviewed Michelle about understanding refugees on their Community Spotlight program. Read more about Michelle’s trip to Kakuma refugee camp in late 2015.

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Temporary Permanence, Living in Kakuma Refugee Camp

To get a better understanding of what our refugee friends’ lives look like in the refugee camp, in November 2015, two Arrive Ministries staff members spent two weeks in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwest Kenya. Michelle Eberhard, the Director of Arrival Services writes about the contradictory ways of

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Church Provides Glimmer of Life and Hope in Kenyan Refugee Camp

Two Arrive Ministries staff members spent two weeks in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwest Kenya in November 2015, to get a better understanding of what our refugee friends’ lives look like in the refugee camp. Jessica Wills, Refugee Life Ministries Program Director shares her reflections on life and

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An Unimaginable Story of Survival and Resilience

I am Amina, a 17-year-old girl. I lived with my mother and sisters in Mogadishu, Somalia. My father died long ago because of fighting between the military and militia groups. All my life there has been war around me. One night soldiers broke into my home. In

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A Karen Refugee Family Thankful to be Reunited for the Holidays

A Father’s Love Crosses Borders Young women and young men can fall in love no matter the circumstances. Htoo Htoo, (pronounced Too Too) a young Karen refugee women fell in love with Nickorn, a Thai citizen, while temporarily displaced in Thailand. Htoo Htoo was working to advocate

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The Church in Minnesota – Responding to the Growing Refugee Crisis

A Statement by Bob Oehrig, Executive Director of Arrive Ministries & Carl Nelson, President of Transform Minnesota FACT: The tragic reality is that there are more refugees today than after WWII – some 17 million (there are also 35 million internally displaced people). FACT: Syria has 7.6 million

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Squeals of Delight from a Young Citizenship Applicant

Every person has a birth story. Whether it was a cold, blustery winter day or a hot, sweltering summer day; that personal story becomes a part of each of our legacies. For 18-year-old Dah Dah, her flare for the dramatic likely originated from her birth story. Dah

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Videos of Hope

Crossroads Church Small Group Eduardo and Carolina’s story   Arrive Ministries – Now is the Time 2014: Church Refugee Gardens 2014: Refugee Life Ministries Volunteer Stories 2013: Refugee Life Ministries Refugee Stories 2013: One Refugee’s Story: Refugee Life Ministries Overview 2012: Refugee Life Ministries Overview – Extended

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The Refugee Journey – an Opportunity to Welcome

Imagine— your ethnic group has been oppressed by the government for years, but they are getting more and more brutal.  Last year a number of shops and homes in your community were burned to the ground, and the military is taking full responsibility for the crimes.  A

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