After the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan, many families with association to the U.S. are unsure of their future and thousands of lives are at stake. Former Afghan interpreters, security personnel, and their families will be arriving in the Twin Cities as refugees over the next few weeks. Arrive Ministries will be providing apartments, jobs, and basic household items for dozens of Afghan refugees.  Here’s how you can support Afghan families that have been evacuated from Afghanistan and welcome those arriving.


Volunteer – Arrive Ministries is a Christian non-profit, that partners with volunteers from local churches who share our mission of seeing refugees welcomed with the love of Christ.

*A note from our volunteer coordinator:
Thank you for the tremendous response to the Afghan refugee crisis. We currently have more interest in volunteering than we can follow up with right now. The next step for anyone who wants to get involved is to attend an October or November volunteer interest meeting online. Our welcoming response to Afghans – and other refugees – resettling in Minnesota is ongoing, and we will need you in the future. Please be patient as we work to follow-up with all interested volunteers. Interest meetings at churches are being booked out into November.


Housing – Help us find safe, sanitary, affordable apartments near bus lines.
Action Step: If you know of any landlords or property owners, fill out this housing form or email us.


Donate Household Goods – Help us welcome our refugee neighbors with the basic supplies they’ll need to set-up an apartment.
Action Step: Check our registry for a list of household items or donate gift cards to Target, Walmart, Ikea, Cub Foods, Amazon.


Donate – These dollars will help us welcome Afghan and other refugees to Minnesota.
Action Step: Go to our giving page for financial donations.


Pray – Pray for families in Afghanistan and pray for those who are here, helplessly watching what is unfolding in their homeland.
Action Step: Click here for a list of prayer points for Afghanistan.


Advocate – Call on Congress to do everything in their power to evacuate as many as possible and resettle Afghan refugees.
Action Step: Email your congressperson 


Click here to download a PPT Slide for churches to share at weekend services with their congregation on how they can respond to the Afghan refugee crisis.