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Help us set up a household for a new refugee family

Refugees and asylees arrive with little more than painful memories, yet they cling to an earnest hope for safe and peaceful new beginnings.

welkit2-300x200The federal government has developed guidelines (found in the Cooperative Agreement) that require that refugees receive household items appropriate for their new life in America. The federal government designed the resettlement program to be a public-private partnership – which means that resettlement agencies, like Arrive Ministries, must solicit members of the local community for donations (funds and gifts-in-kind) to set up households for new arrivals.

As noted on our Volunteer Opportunities webpage, there are a few options to choose from if you would like to contribute to a refugee household by gathering basic needs items.

You can:

– Make an individual donation of a single item or several items.

– Provide a “Welcome Kit” for a refugee family; this is a suitable project for a small group or a family.

– Coordinate a resource drive for a particular household item or set of items through your church or local group.

There are certain household items newly arrived refugee families need, but are often low in stock at Arrive Ministries.  (See the list of most needed items near the bottom of this page.)

Please note:  In order to show respect to newly arrived refugees, we only accept new or slightly used items.  If a used item is potentially unsafe or dirty, may not work properly, or is so worn or old, we ask that you refrain from donating those items.  All personal hygiene items must be new.

If you, your small group, or your church is interested in collecting items for a welcome kit, please contact our Church Engagement Coordinator at

Refugee Family Welcome Kit
When refugees arrive in the United States, they come with very few, if any, household items. They need to furnish an entire home with very few financial resources. You can help bless refugee families by gathering the items listed and bringing them to Arrive Ministries. You may gather an entire kit for a particular family or host a collection for a variety of of items which will be distributed to multiple families. If you prefer to make a financial gift, your donation will help us purchase needed supplies as together we make a difference in the lives of new arrivals.

Welcome Kit PDF

Resource Drives or Individual Donations
While Arrive Ministries accepts donations of any Welcome Kit item, we are most in need of the following items at this time:

Pots and pans (preferably non-teflon)
Rice cookers
Sheet sets (full and twin)
Bath towels
Toilet paper
Laundry detergent
New mittens, gloves, and hats

Arrive Ministries also accepts donations of mattresses in very good condition, winter outerwear, microwaves and other portable cooking devices, and vehicles in decent working condition.

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